"Maximum Performance Hockey School, Elite Performance Skating, and Skill Development"

 We wish to invite you and your friends to join us in Summerland for an elite hockey camp experience. This year we are running two 4 day camps in AUGUST with the option of attending all 8 days in AUGUST. 

Camp Features for August Camp: 

2 Hours Ice time per day Lots of Work and Fun!

Plus 1 hour of off ice training daily   

           Explosive Power Skating:  • First Step Speed • Stride efficiency • Agility/foot speed • Quickness • Power & Speed • Dynamic balance • Driving the Net• Speed with the puck • Edge control• Stopping ∙Crossovers • Explosive skating moves

       Explosive Stickhandling & Moves  • Advanced fundamentals • Quick hands •   Unbelievable puck control • Expansion of reach • Puck Protection• Proper Form and technique• Fakes and Explosive Moves ∙ Simplified puck handling without Overhandling

          Defense Specific Training  Defencemen Specific skating techniques  Body contact & positioning  ∙  1vs 1 Play  Defending against multiple attackers  Gap control Purposeful puck    movement  Shot blocking   Active stick defence  Outlet passing   Shooting techniques  Tactics  for sound defensive play

        Proper Technique instruction for safe body contact   Respect for opponent & Safety Protecting yourself and playing heads up!  Evasive Skating Techniques  Pursuit angles and pinning techniques ∙ Stick control and checks ∙ Open ice contact  Defensive contact tactics  Hip checks Contact along the Boards 

     Shooting & Goalscoring  Detailed technique Instruction • Goal scoring tactics & secrets • Shooting • Wrist Shot • Snap Shot • Backhand Shot • Slap shot • Deflections/redirections • One Timers • Accuracy Training • Quick Release • Dekeing • Mental edge to scoring


 Bill and Brian have a very high commitment to excellence. They expect the best from their players and are dedicated to providing the best developmental experience for every athlete. Our program is designed to take players to another level of learning, to inspire and instruct them to their best performances ever. 

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