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COVID-19 Safety Plan




-We have identified the areas where there may be risks of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19. The virus can be spread person-person or by surface transmission, this means that everything we do as a hockey camp involves the possibility of this transmission. The hockey camp utilizes parts of the Summerland Arena, the lobby area, dressing rooms, ice sheet, and stands area for viewing.

-The players, or camp participants, will experience these risks in the Summerland Arena. The players will not have access to any other parts of the building except for the parts named above. This will make the areas of risk for them limited to the arena, lobby, and the dressing rooms. The players’ parents will have limited access to the facilities but will be at risk as well. We will limit one parent per player to keep building maximums under 50 people.

-The instructors will share theses areas of concern.

-We have identified that all areas are of concern for us; there will be risks of person-person and surface transmission in everything we do. These areas specifically include:

-Lobby area


-Dressing rooms including: washroom inside, benches

-Doors and door handles

-Light switches

-Washrooms in Lobby and in Dressing rooms

-Equipment such as pucks, cones, hockey nets

-Arena area, including: stands, benches, ice sheet


-We are limiting the number of people, including players, parents, instructors, and arena staff to 50 inside the building at all times. There will be a maximum of 20 players on the ice area at one time and maximum 5 coaches for a total of 25 or less on the ice for each session.

-We will allow 1 parent per player for each group making a maximum number of players and parents of 40. An exception to this for parents with 2 children in the same group, we will allow both parents.

-All players and coaches and anyone entering the facility will be screened at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, we can utilize a tool such as the’s self-assessment tool. Anyone displaying any symptoms will not be able to participate any further in the camp, as well as any instructors displaying symptoms will not be able to continue immediately.

-Players will be given a dressing room assignment that they will keep for the entire camp.

-We will have signage everywhere in the facility that indicate one-way walkways, exits only, coronavirus prevention, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and do not enter if you are sick.

-We will have each dressing room marked to allow for proper spacing inside the room and allow a maximum of 8 people in the room at one time to make sure everyone is at least 2-metres apart.

-We will not use the showers in the dressing room; players will be limited to the use of the toilet and sink areas. Players and staff will be asked to wash hands before and after all activities. Everyone will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry to facility and before exiting. We will have a large supply of sanitizer at the front entrance and exit points.

-All players and coaches must practice physical distancing on the ice as much as possible and refrain from contact/body checking, limited bench use, and no sharing of water bottles. There will be a focus on skill development on the ice and no contact drills. Players and coaches will handle their own equipment and sticks only; no one else will touch another player or instructors equipment.

-Coaches will be responsible for placing and picking up all pucks and nets, no players will have to touch these except with their sticks.

-Players must refrain from squirting their water bottles and/or spitting on the ice or in the facility.

-We will clean and disinfect the dressing rooms after each group has exited, this will include the benches, toilets, sinks, door handles, and all touch areas. This will occur 4 times per day. In conjunction with the arena staff on site we will ensure common areas and washrooms accessible by everyone are cleaned and disinfected at least 2 times per day.

-The ice area, including all handles on gates, benches, boards that the players touch will be sanitized after each ice session as well.

-There will be frequent cleaning of high touch areas throughout the facility including door handles, washrooms, and benches. There are adequate cleaning supplies on site available through the arena staff.

-Our instructors will ensure that everyone, players and parents will follow the rules established on our signage.

-There are adequate hand washing facilities and disinfectant stations throughout the facility.

-Our instructor staff will include at least 4 off duty firefighters on site at all times, these firefighters are educated in proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. These firefighters are also trained and fluent in all emergency situations including response to Covid-19 concerns. 2 off duty firefighters will be responsible for the cleaning/disinfecting of the dressing rooms 4 times per day. They will be equipped with disinfectant spray and paper towels; the sprays will be either an industrial product or bleach and water mix. They will utilize proper PPE, including gloves, masks, and goggles.

-All first aid issues will be handled by an off duty firefighter, these staff members are trained to a minimum of First Responder 3 with AED endorsement. These individuals also are trained and up to date with all recommendations from BCEHS (BC Emergency Health Services).

-We will require that all players come to the arena fully dressed in their equipment minus skates, helmet and gloves. Players will be asked to exit the arena in their equipment as well to get them out as quickly as possible.

-If a player requires assistance with their equipment, we will have their parent assist them; they will have to do this in the Lobby area. There will be players and Instructors only in the dressing rooms.

-Players will come to the arena with their water bottles filled already. There will be no food or drinks allowed in the facility except for the water bottles. Water bottles will be clearly marked with players name and only used by that person.

-We have a 30-minute space between each group; this will allow us to have all players and parents from one group exit the building. We can quickly sanitize all areas and then have the next group enter safely for their sessions without any cross contamination.


-Our workplace policies ensure that our workers and the camp participants including anyone entering our workspace (parents) are prohibited from the workplace if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

-Anyone who has had ANY symptoms in the prior 10 days will be prohibited. Symptoms include: fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle or head aches.

-Also prohibited: anyone that has been directed by Public Health to self-isolate and anyone who has arrived from outside Canada or who has had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case must have self-isolated for 14 days already and monitored their symptoms.

-If a player requires assistance from their parent with their equipment, we will have them stay in the lobby area utilizing a bench there. There will be players and Instructors only in the dressing rooms.

-1 parent per each player will be allowed in the building to keep the total number of people under 50 and they will be limited to the Lobby area and the stands area in the Arena. In the case that people have 2 children in the same group, they will be allowed 2 parents to keep 1 parent per 1 player. There will be a designated Exit only point in the far end of the Lobby.

-Parents will be asked to socially distance themselves in the viewing areas and Lobby.

-Parents and players will be asked to arrive at the arena 15 minutes prior to the start of their sessions. Players and parents will be asked to exit the arena within 15 minutes of completion of their sessions. We ask that no one loiter in the parking lot and avoid contact with incoming or outgoing groups.

-A person with First Responder 3 level of certification who is up to date with BCEHS recommendations will attend anyone requiring first aid management.

-Sick coaches or players will be immediately isolated and attended to by our first aid attendant, any space that they came into contact with will be sanitized and they will have a mask placed on them. If this is severe illness we will call 9-11 otherwise the person will be asked to stay away from camp and self monitor, in the case of this being a player we will contact their parent and have them pick the player up. First aid attendant will wear proper PPE and properly sanitize himself before re-joining the camp.


-All instructors will be aware of all policies before camp begins and we will go over each policy at the start of each day.

-There will be signage everywhere to remind everyone including coaches about proper social distancing, occupancy limits, hand hygiene, and self-assessment of sickness.

-There will be signage at the main entrance indicating who is restricted from entering the premises, including visitors and workers with symptoms.

-The owners of the hockey camp will be responsible for training and monitoring all policies and procedures and ensure they are being followed.

-We will have a designated Safety Officer at the Summerland Arena at all times. This officer is a fully trained Firefighter with level 3 first-responder 1stAid, AED endorsement, and full training for any emergency situation.


- If we identify a new area of concern or feel something isn’t working we will update our policies and procedures. We will include all workers in this process.

-We are constantly monitoring risks; we will change our policies and procedures if necessary.

-Workers, players, parents will know to go directly to the owners of the hockey camp with any and all health and safety concerns. Our Safety Officer will be available at all times at the arena as well.

-We have many off duty firefighters working at the camp so we can use each one as a resource to resolve health and safety issues.


-We will start camp in August 2020, and have not operated since August 2019 so our policies and procedures will be new due to COVID-19.

-We have several workers who are returning this year from working for us in past years so we will ensure they and all new workers are educated on the new policies and procedures.

-Any workers that are not first responders (firefighters) will be educated more about the COVID-19 and the signs and symptoms. We will also educate them on proper sanitization of the building and their personal equipment as well as the rules on social distancing and hand hygiene.

-We will address these policies and procedures with all staff several times a day and remind all players constantly.

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